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Universidad de Lima, communication, film and photojournalism..

Lighting Workshop in Inictel, Lima-Peru.

Underwater photography course with PADI international

Photojournalism workshop in the International Centre for Superior Studies of Communication for Latin America (Centro Internacional de Estudios Superiores de Comunicación para América Latina) under the direction of North American photographer, Bruce Strong, Quito-Ecuador.

Photojournalism workshop in the school “For a New Journalism” of  “Gabriel García Márquez”, directed by Italian photographer Ernesto Bazan in Santa Marta-Colombia.

Photojournalism workshop in Lima- Peru, organized by the Ibero-American Press Society (Sociedad Iberoamericana de Prensa) with the participation of the photo editors María Mann (AFP) and Francisco Bernasconni of the New York Times, 2003.



First Prize in the photography contest “An International Year of Natural Disasters”   1999.

First Prize for the best photography Report “The Children of Prisons” in the Journalism contest “Symbols of Liberty” 1999

First prize in photography in the journalism contest Jorge Mantilla of the newspaper “El Comercio”. With a portrait of the painter Oswaldo Guayasamín. Ecuador, 1999.

Second place, Symbols of Liberty Prize, photography category , 1998.

Second place, Symbols of Liberty Prize, photography category , 1997.

Honorable mention in the PHOTO MAGAZINE  award; France, 1998

Honorable mention in the prize “Diego de Losada” theme of Guerrillas in Peru. Spain 1995.

Second place Kodak prize “A day in the life” ,1992.

First Prize "The life in Yellow", Pichincha Bank, Ecuador 2001

Honorable mention in the prize "POY LATAM, Category SPORT 2015

First Prize, Category Sport, FOTOPRENSA -2015, Chile

Honorable mention in the prize FOTOPRENSA - 2015, Dealy Life - Jail of God

Honorable mention in the prize FOTOPRENSA - 2015- Nature - A zoo  out size down.​

Honorable mention in the prize FOTOPRENSA - 2017- Sport-Patagonian Expedition Race.​

First Prize, Category Nature, FOTOPRENSA-2018,Chile

Firt Prize, Allard Prize Photo for the international Integrity 2022.

Honorable Mention- inter-American Press Association (IAPA) SIP 2022.

Honorable Mention- DN Photography Awards 2021


Firt Prize, category reportage-The Las Border-Chile-2021-FOTOPRENSA


Una Convivencia Posible Perú- ONG Apoyo-Perú 1998.

La Tricolor – 2001

Vistas- US-2000


Face of the World -AFP- 2002

Face of the World -AFP- 2010

Face of the World -AFP- 2012

Face of the World -AFP- 2016

Face of the World -AFP- 2017

Face of the World -AFP- 2018

Ecuador Turismo-2002

Veinte años de Fotoperiodismo-Catalogo-2010

The world in Photos-2011

150 years of Photojournalist- Getty Image-2012

Jail of God-Chile 2015

The Game-El Juncal-2015

Ecuador´s Cooks Food 1998-2002

Volcano- Ecuador and Chile-2016



Santiago Unmissable, Chile 2013

Looking Around video documentary 2010

Latin American Photojournalism Workshop

Backpackphoto 2012. Online Shop.



San Francisco de Quito University, Photojournalism for News Agencies - Ecuador

El Comercio newspaper, How to elaborate a Photoreportage – Ecuador

ITABSA, How to elaborate Photoreportage - Ecuador

University of Las Americas, Photojournalism – Chile

Universidad del Desarrollo, News agencies, knowing how to work in – Chile

Latin American Photojournalism Workshop, How to work with International News Agencies  - Chile, Peru,Ecuador

UTE University, Week of Communication, subject Photojournalism – Ecuador

Las Condes Municipality,  Week of photography. Web and Photojournalism – Chile


Galery Kindmann, Quito Ecuador, Nude, 1997

Öjo con el Arte¨, Garden Mall-Quito Ecuador, Collective, 1999

Ecuador Photojournalist- 2006-Quito and Guayaquil, Collective

Odissey-Agence France Presse- Centro Cultural Telefonica, Santiago de Chile-2017

London- Earth Photo 2022- exhibition- Royal  Geographic Society


Guerrillas in Perú. Ushiza. 1989. SI Magazine

War Conflict Ecuador against Perú. 1994. Reuters

Presidential election campaign during the election of Sixto Durán Ballen-Ecuador-AP 

Hostage situation at the Embassy of Japan in Peru, Agence France Presse. 1997

Natural Disasters in Ecuador, Agence France Presse

Presidential Elections in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia,Venezuela Chile since 1990 up to now

Coup de E’tat in Ecuador, 1998, 2000, 2005. Agence France Presse

Coup de E’tat in Venezuela against Hugo Chavez. Agence France Presse

Popular strikes in Venezuela. Agence France Presse

Volcanic Eruptions in Ecuador: Tungurahua 1999, Guagua  Pichincha 2001, Reventador 2002, Cotopaxi 2015.

Volcanic Eruptions in Chile: El Caulle, Villarica, Calbuco

Guerrillas - Plan Colombia for The Miami Herald, 2000

Peace dialogues breakdown, Colombia 2002, Agence France Presse

Indigenous educations – Ecuador 2003 for The TIME Magazine

Recovery of the Galleon La Española, Galapagos Islands – Ecuador 1997.

Oil spill accident, Galapagos Islands – Ecuador 2000

Presidential inauguration ceremony of Evo Morales, Bolivia.

Summit of the Americas, Argentina and Ecuador

International high level summits in Chile, Peru, Ecuador

ODESUR Sport Games, Ecuador 1997

Bolivarian Sport Games, Ecuador, 2001

Centro America and the Caribbean Sport Game, Colombia 2006

Panamerican Games, Brasil 2007, Mexico 2011

South American Games, Chile 2013.

Copa America since  in Colombia, Venezuela, Perú, Chile.

Special coverage during the Funeral of the Ex Dictator Augusto Pinochet – Chile 2005

Special coverage during the Soccer eliminatories since 1994

Olimpics Games, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Brasil 2016. Tokyo 2021.

FIFA World Cup, South Africa 2010, Brasil 2014, Russia 2018.

FIFA World Cup UNDER 17, Chile 2015, Ecuador 1994

Special coverage during the rescue of 33 miners trapped in Chile, 2010

Earthquakes in Chile 2005-2009-2010-2014-2015, Peru 2007 and Ecuador 1996-1998

Special coverage during the visit of the Pope Benedict in Brasil 2009.

Special coverage during the visit of the Pope Francis in Ecuador 2015.

Special coverage during the visit of the Pope Francis in Chile 2018.

Airplanes accidents in Ecuador, Colombia, Perú,Chile. 

Rally DAKAR in Chile and Peru, 2010, 2011, 2012

Chile- Forest Fire - 2017

South Korea-Olympic Winter Game- PyeonChang 2018.

Total Solar Eclipse-2013- 2019-Chile.

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